who is amazing?

YOU are amazing!  That's how Jesus sees you and so do we!  Even though we have not met you, we already know how valuable you are because Jesus died for you.  If you have not known or thought about it, we hope you will today!  You can't find anything or anyone on this earth that brings you contentment like Jesus!  Here are some ways we help people connect with Jesus for themselves.

evangelism & missions

We are developing a passion for telling friends, family and strangers about Jesus at home and abroad.  We make it our aim to care about people the way Jesus does by going out weekly to share the gospel (good news) and by supporting local and international missionaries through prayer and finances. 

In addition and even more so, we make sharing the gospel a way of life, reaching out to those in our individual spheres of influence, whether in the grocery store or at our child's football game.

membership in-reach

As Christians, our way of life and thinking are under siege every day.  The Membership department doesn't pressure people to join our congregation but once you have joined,  you are taken from being our guest to being and member to being a disciple of Jesus.

This is a focused series of ministry efforts designed to build individuals into strong, loving, compassionate, knowledgeable warriors for Christ who believe what Jesus did on the cross and who walk in the grace His act of love has afforded us.  This is done through small groups, classes, events and more.